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Trauma, Abuse, and Healing

I can help you reclaim your life. Have you had devastating life experiences that still haunt you? Do you often have vivid images of those experiences flash through your mind? Do you experience reoccurring nightmares? Were you in a life or death situation? Were you deathly afraid that serious harm was happening to you or someone else? Trauma can leave emotional wounds that are difficult to heal, causing our minds to be in a constant state of confusion, fear, anxiety, stress and worry.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is an overwhelming experience that involves a threat to our physical and mental well-being. It results in a sense of vulnerability and a loss of control. It can leave people feeling helpless and fearful, and interfere with your relationships and beliefs about how safe the world is.

Some examples of traumatic stress may include: Life or death events, Active shooter, Victimization, Accidents, Domestic Violence, Rape, Physical or Sexual abuse, Natural disasters, Military combat, and Terrorism. Anytime someone experiences or witnesses a life or death situation it is considered a trauma.

I specialize in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trauma can impact every area of a person’s life. If not treated, the feeling of powerlessness can linger for a lifetime. I have watched as women who have escaped domestic violence and survived sexual abuse conquer their fears through effective therapy. They began to feel empowered to take back their life and this new found freedom brought joy and light to their eyes.

I believe therapy is a safe place to begin your own courageous personal journey.  It allows you to rediscover who you are and to retake control over your life.  Therapy is unique for each individual.  I can integrate Christian values with evidenced based therapy to help you overcome the trauma that has stolen your life.  I have been trained in Evidenced Based Methods, such as Prolonged Exposure, Seeking Safety, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I can assist you in your journey to overcome trauma, work through betrayal, grief, anger, shame, and guilt. My desire is to bring you to health and wholeness, and help you overcome the fears that are hindering you from living a fulfilling and successful life. Ready to start down that path?        

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